The Goatmancer | Black Death Metal label


The history of GRIMNESS traces back in the beginning of the new millennium, placing a self-produced EP release named ”Dogma” (2002), before the release of their debut album ”Increase Humanity Disgust’ (2004)’. While playing a consistent number of live performances in festivals and local gigs, covering both Italian ground and a few European venues, the band writes and releases the 2nd full length effort ”Trust In Decay” in 2008. In order to celebrate 10 and more years of music activity (during the while the band members have individually played and contributed in the ranks of VII Arcano, Doomraiser, The Foreshadowing, Hour Of Penance and Novembre), their 1st full length album is going to be reprinted under the title of ”A Decade Of

Quick overview

  • The definitive reissue of 2004 album “Increase Humanity Disgust”
  • Featuring the never before released ep “Dogma” (2002)
  • Featuring members/ex members of: VII Arcano, Doomraiser, The Foreshadowing, Hour Of Penance and Novembre.
  • Recommended if you like: DISSECTION, SATYRICON, THORNS.

Disgust”, featuring a new cover artwork, the never before released 2002 ”Dogma” ep, a live version of ”Proud To Be Damned” and an unreleased song from the ”Trust In Decay” recording sessions. This definitive version of Grimness 1st effort still represents a dynamic offer of a death/black metal sound played with honesty, power and undisputed attitude…10 years and more… still increasing the disgust!